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How To Make Small Eyes Appear Bigger With MakeUp

How To Make Small Eyes Appear Bigger With Makeup, has always been a big questions every lady that possesses small eyes asks frequently, though not every lady has big eyes but the beauty big eyes gives to the face is one big thing that every lady wants because eyes which appear bigger makes every lady look younger and awake too.

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Don’t get it all wrong when I lay more emphasis on big eyes, every eye is good and perfect and would all be complimented on by everyone but if you feel you want to make your eye appear bigger then I say it’s simple all you have to do is to create an illusion with some little makeup skills you would be picking up in this post.

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The big question on how do i make my eyes look huge or how to make small eyes appear bigger with makeup can be answered easily with some little makeup skill though there are ways on how to make my eyes bigger naturally but in this post, I would be showing you the simple way of how to achieve this particular aim at hand just through the little application of makeup.

How To Make Small Eyes Look Bigger?

1. Praise Those Eyebrows

I want to start by advising you to follow the natural shape of your eyes so that you would look natural, the brows are the main point and it makes all the difference so take a frequent trip to the salon in other to keep the brows in good shape.

For those who want to keep their brows bold, note that you have to fully use the space you have so that it creates a wonderful illusion of bigger looking eyes. Bold, thick, and good looking brows draws attention to the eyes. The major difference between natural brows and the over-tweezed arches is simply that the natural gives one an innocent look, while the other makes you look older.

2. Say Goodbye To Puffiness

In order to get and maintain that beautiful eye then you should treat and pamper them so nicely. With The presence of the swollen skin just around the eyes would result in making it look tiny so your main aim should be getting rid of them, meanwhile below are the best working ways to reduce puffiness around your eye.

  • Get enough sleep.
  • Often Wash your face with cold water.
  • Make sure you Place used cold teabags just over the eyes so as the tannins present in tea would tighten the skin.
  • Do make sure you Reduce salt intake.
  • Engage in more Exercise.

3. Say No To Under Eye Dark Circles

Dark circles is something that keeps driving the attentions that to be paid to eyes away, but by using a concealer to make a cover up on the dark circles but this would not make your eyes look bigger, but at least, the dark circles will not also draw attention to them when someone places there attention on your eyes. So, this step plays a very big role and also important.

Make some Color correct on your blemishes and dark circles using an illuminating concealer. Do make sure you use a shade just slightly lighter than your normal foundation to help lift and also enhance your look. We would recommend the light and creamy YSL Touche Eclat and also smooth MAC Pro Longwear Concealer, which plays a great cover-up for spots.

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4. Light Neutral Colored Eye Shadow

By Using neutral and light eyeshadows, and also Following the rule of contouring, apply Light colors to the areas which you want the light to fully reflect and also apply darker shades just for the areas you would want to add the push back effect, by Using light colors just at the center of the eyelids magically brings them forward, just Pick up some of the product on a brush, shake the excess off the brush and gently apply just from the center of the eyelids. By going through With all this you are very sure to fully complete the illusion of achieving a bigger eye.

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5.  Tightline The Upper Water Line

Do Note that this is the step that gives a lot of difference. By Using a black liner in other to tightline the upper water line would give the appearance of fuller lashes and helps to fully open up the eyes. I would advice to use the 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil by Urban Decay. This formula is amazing and it also gives your eyelashes much volume without even doing much!

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6. Lay Low With The Eyeliner

When you are using a liner on your lower lashline, do make sure that you only apply it onto the outer third. You can Use a smudger or a brush to soften it out well. When it come to the eyelid, draw a line very close to the lashes. You can also  create a very tiny flick and then gradually make become thicker at the end if you really want to.

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7. Curly, Fluttery Eyelashes

As every woman know that An eyelash curler is to women what a sports bike is to men. When is comes to those big eyes, make sure that you fully cup the lashes in the curler just closer to the roots. We recommend E.L.F. Studio Eyelash Curler and Sally Hansen La Cross Double Curl Eyelash Curler.

This is so far the best way to get big eyes because it just makes every other thing you have applied really standout and it creates a better view to the eye.

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8. The Nude Effect

Most people always thinks that the only way to achieving the big eyes is by just loading up on black kohls or kajals. but, this is totally the opposite. The know dark black kajal actually just makes your eyes appear smaller and also boxed in too. Taking to note the Indian skin-tone, the popular white eye pencil may not just be the most attractive one to use. The main trick here is just to go nude on your lower lash line.
The total aim is just to try and blend your lower lash line inline with your skin color to finally make your eye appear larger.

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9. O’ Holy Mascara

The magic wand for makeup, applying a good mascara can make your eyes appear bigger and thicker just in no time. We recommend you use Clinique’s High Impact Mascara, and also Maybelline Great Lash Mascara just for that oomph factor to be perfect. For those stubborn lashes and the added glam, you should try applying up to three to four coats just on the outer corners of your eye just to give that doe shaped eyes.
Mascara is so far the easiest and also the fastest way of creating the illusion of a large eye, it is also the finish line to achieve the best out of the work performed.

10. Contour The Crease

By Contouring the crease you are helping to create the illusion of a deeper set eyes, which in turn, gives you that larger eyes. Make Use of  a matte brown shade starting from the outer corner of your eyes to crease and blend well. Note that When you’re going for a deep makeover look, you should contour just slightly above your main crease.

11. Shimmer In The Inner Corner

In order to get this, make Use of a highlighter or even a shimmery light eyeshadow just in the inner corner. This totally adds a little something extra to your finished makeover look, and also helps to give you that awakening look. You simply choose two ways which you want to apply this.

  • You can chose to blend it out totally and give it a very good sheen look. This fully makes you look fresh in the best natural way.
  • If the first one doesn’t go well for you Then you can chose not to blend it out. By Doing this, you give your eyes that sparkle look and is also an easy way to compensate when you haven’t even apply much eye makeup.

Final Verdict

Yeah, there you go. The 11 best ways on how to make small eyes appear bigger with makeup. I certainly sure that this works out at any time. Below are more very useful tips that would help you get bigger eyes by using make up.

Some More Tips On How To Make Small Eyes Appear Bigger With Makeup

  • Totally avoid dark colors just like blacks and grays.
  • However, you can chose to use soft browns just for the crease.
  • Do make sure not overload on the eyeliner because This will only make your eyes to look smaller.
  • Use the mascara to give the full lashes which in turns helps to open the eyes more.
  • Always bare in mind that You can choose to make use of false lashes.

Now Try what we listed out and do well to tell us how they work for you, using the comment box below.

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