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Latest Hairstyle for girls: 8 Trendy Long Hairstyles For School Girls

knowing the latest hairstyle for girls is one thing every lady should mark on her to-do list. but as a student too, you should know that the hairstyle you put on to school tells a lot about you so picking the latest hairstyle for girls is also very important for students.

we know school is all about your studies, exams, scores, and other stuff too but you know it also entails your style and fashion, staying in tune with the latest hairstyle for girls trends is very important as it not only keeps you smart but also up to trend.

If you are a student with long hair and getting ready for school, then fashionshouters brings to you its hairstyles for teenage girls, the hairstyles are really stylish and I would say are best for teenage schoolgirls and the interesting part is that it takes just a little or even no time to get this hairstyle ready. so try as much as possible to let us know the one that gives you that perfect look.

8 Latest Hairstyle For girls

1. Multiple Braids With Pony:

latest hairstyle for teenagers

While making this same hairstyle for school may take lots of time, but i would show you a simpler and faster version. start by Parting your hair right in the middle and create a middle braid using the hair from just above your forehead. Now you should take some strands just from one side and braid it perfectly. Repeat this same step on the other side. Now bring the three braids you made at the back and then tie it to make a low pony.

2. Loose Side Braid:

Teenage hairstyle for school

To make this exact hairstyle you should start by Parting your hair at the side. Now take all your hair just to the other side and then braid into a very loose low braid. when you have bangs, let the bangs fall naturally over your face, only if they are too big and then you would need to tuck them away. just in this case, try to blend them in with the braid you made; if  not then hold back with a pin. This is one of the easiest lates hairstyles for girls with long hair for school.

3. Rope Braid:

trending hairstyles for ladies

This is just a very simple hairstyle for long hair for school! This can be rocked during the summers, with that chic looking neat. start by Combing back all your hair and then make a tie to form a tight high pony. Now take the hair and braid it perfectly, then finish by tying it up at the end again. This will work perfectly with a parted hairstyle also without one. don’t you think this is the best latest hairstyle for girls? well, I think so.

4. Bun Braid:

latest braids for school teenagers

Again here you have it, another great one for the summers and also high on the fashion scale too. This can be achieved by Combing all your hair back and then bunch into a half-bun, rolling some of the halves in a bun and leaving the rest open. Now you should take the loose hair and then make a tight braid, finish by tying it down at the end.

Side Braids Half Open:

latest hairstyle for women

start by Parting your hair right at the middle. Now take the strands on one end and braid, do the same thing for the other side too. Take the two braids at the back and then pin above the nape, Leaving the remaining hair be open. This would help to pull back the hair away from the face and makes it not to look messy.

6. Flip Tail:

Best latest hairstyles for girls

This style is not only for teenagers but also great for all age groups. First, you should start by Combing your hair to remove every knots and tangle. Just At the back, part your hair in the middle. Twist both separated sides and bring them all together at the back, finish by tying them together. This is Easy and great for summers too.

7. Sleek Ponytail:

best hairstyle for females

Still on the latest hairstyles for girls. While this style is already big on the international fashion circuit, I would say that this is also perfect for school. This hairstyle is also easy to make, you just start by Combing your hair neatly and then part at the middle or you could choose to part at the side. Now Bring your hair to one side and tie in a tight low pony.

8. Wavy Side Pony:

best cute hairstyle for girls

Finally, this is the last hairstyle on our list. If you possess wavy hair or lose curls, then this can be perfect for you too. Get this by Combing out your hair, with a parting preferably side parting. Bring your hair to one side and then tie it in a low pony, it is best you tie it tight to prevent the waves and curls from looking messy.


This are the latest hairstyle for girls, as I mentioned above that we would bring to you the best hairstyles you could quickly put on for school purposes and here they are. do well to go through the list and choose the one that gives you that perfect look.

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