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How To Stop Your Hair From Tangling

having a perfect hair is one thing and maintaining it is another, while I was growing, I use to think that whenever I brush my hair it would remain like that forever but look at me now laughing at my childish thoughts.

I know some times we all wonder how those movie actresses keep their hair smooth and free from tangling and you wish you could be like them right?

But the truth I would love to share with you is that everyone would definitely face these tangling issue ones, twice or even more in their lifetimes but with my little experiences, I would say that you could really overcome this little threat of hair tangling.

So the big questions we would be facing in this post are;

  • what causes tangled hair
  • how to keep hair from tangling at night
  • What is the best conditioner for tangled hair
  • why is my hair so tangled after washing
  • why does fine hair tangle so easily
  • why does my hair get so tangled underneath
  • why is my hair so tangled and falling out
  • why is my hair so knotty all of a sudden
  • How to keep hair from tangling throughout the day
  • what are the natural remedies for tangled hair

At this stage in my life, having a fight with my brush while trying to comb or brush my hair is no longer an option. so if you are reading this post because you need to solve the problems to the questions above, then you are right on time because I would be providing some useful tips on how to keep your hair from tangling but before we dive into this tips let take a look at what causes hair tangling.

What Causes Hair Tangling?


1. Lack Of Hydration

when you lack moisture in your hair, the tendency of your hair tangling is very high because lack of moisture in the hair causes the hair outer shaft to break which makes your hair totally rough and then hard to comb. so keeping the hair moistured is very important.

2. Sleeping With Your Hair Down

Going to bed with your hair not being made or packed up could lead to serious hair tangling, so the best advice to give in this situation is to prevent going to bed with a damped hair and make sure you properly dry your hair before you fully go to sleep, failure to do this would result to you being in a tug of war with your hair the next morning.

3. Not Combing

If you really want to stop this big problem of hair tangling then you should live with the habit of combing your hair. when your hair is not properly combed or not combed at all, then the creation of kinks in your hair would be very high.

4. Untrimmed Dry Ends

Knowing that the hair is very fragile in nature so constant trimming of the dry ends is very important, dry end tends to splits and once this has happened then it cannot be repaired which would result in frequent tangling of the hair. so always take note of untrimmed ends as they play a very great role in preventing your hair from tangling.

5. Damaged Cuticles

When you choose to style your hair always bear in mind that constant styling and blowing of your hair could pose a problem which could lead to constant hair tangling. when your hair tends to be damaged, the external layer of your hair gets scraped off leaving the internal part exposed and unprotected, this could lead to the damage of the cuticles.



Now that you know what hair tangling and it causes are, i think this is the right time to talk about how to prevent hair tangling, this is one of he crucial part of this post and I would advise you pay close attention to this part.

How To Get Rid Of Hair Tangle



1. Condition Your Hair

when we talk about prevention of hair tangling, we mention Hair conditioning, though there are other means of preventing hair tangling which we would still be discussing in this post but hair conditioning is one of the best ways to fully prevent this hair tangling issue.  when you condition your hair it is best you leave the product to stay on your hair for a while before you wash off, and don’t just wash it off without adding extra moisture-locking conditioner as they help for easy combing of the hair.

2. Use A Wide Toothed Comb

When preventing hair tangling, I would strongly advise that you make use of a wide-toothed comb as the help to comb your hair without causing any damage to your hair. you might ask yourself why i am against round brush and rat-tailed combs, this is because when you make use of this kind of combs and brush they end up exposing your scalp which would in turn cause damages to your cuticles.

3. Using Detangling Products

Another very effective way of stopping hair tangling easily is by making use of detangling products like detangling sprays, serums, and conditionals. This products helps to stop hair tangling in a very fast and effective way. all you just have to do is to apply this product on the areas where you have your knots and then gently brush from the root to the base or you can also use your fingers to fasten this process a little bit.

4. Oil Your Hair Regularly

Oiling your hair keeps you at the safe side. when you add oil frequently on your hair this keeps your hair in a moist state and always easy to comb at all times, you could use some coconut oil on your hair as it not only untangle your hair but also adds extra good benefits to your hair.

5. Avoid Using Heat Styling Tools

When you make use of heat styling tools just like straightener, blow dryer, curling irons, they tend to dry the hair up which is what we are majorly preventing. so if you would make use of any of this product I would advise you make use of heat protectants before you start heat styling your hair as they help to prevent your hair from getting dry.

6. Go Easy With The Towel

When you are done in the shower and want to dry your hair with your towel, going easy with the towel so as to prevent your hair from falling off. when you tend to vigorously dry your hair with your towel it disturbs the structure of the cuticle resulting in split ends which is not a good one.

At this point, we are all equipped with what hair tangling is and how to prevents them, but what if you already have your hair tangled how do you think you can go about it, then keep reading to get full tips and tricks to fight against hair tangling.

Tips To Fix Tangled Hair


  • The first tip you should bear in mind is that you should always use your fingers to reduce the sizes of the knot present in your hair before you proceed with your comb as it would make your combing easy and safe for your hair.


  • you should learn to trim your hair every three months so as to prevent your hair from having loose ends


  •  Make use of natural homemade products present at home to nake hair mask, products like yogurt and honey can be easily used to deep condition your hair every week.


  • Since the major cause of hair tangling is as a result of dryness of the hair then it is strongly advised that you put on a scarf, cap or hat so as to protect your hair from the drying effect of the sun.


  • you should properly oil your hair an hour with natural oil and hour before shampooing it.


maintaining your hair structure is very important because it tells a lot about you most especially your face, so giving it the best treatment is worth a try.  I am sure that at this point you should have known the possible answers to the questions, why is my hair so tangled after washing, why does my hair get so tangled underneath, what causes tangled hair and how to keep hair from tangling at night.

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