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Eyebrows For Round Face

Eyebrows are a really vital part of your face. Their form and look will have an effect on your appearance. you’ll form your eyebrows the method you wish, of course, whereas keeping the form of your face in mind. If you can really achieve the aim of making a small eye appear bigger with the help of makeup then you can actually make out the best eyebrows for round face.

For round faces, there’s always a lack of angles present on the face, and it makes it look even broader than usual, leaving the chin a bit rounded off. They conjointly look fatter and fuller however this will be fastened with the assistance of some makeup tricks and tips. Here we have a tendency to discuss some supercilium shapes that might look nice while not creating your face look broader.

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Best Eyebrow Shapes For Round Face

It is best You go for the brow shape, which assists in slimming down and put some highlight to the features present on your round face. You can choose to use the traditional method of threading or even go for brow threading machines that would help to shape your brows properly.
You should mind the way you shape your brows because a little mistake at shaping you can ruin your entire look. Since you have around the face, you need to apply some definitions to bring out your facial bone structure.
In general, There are six brow shapes, such as rounded, curved, flat, hard and also soft angled shapes. Among these six variants, the following are included in the best eyebrow shapes for round face

1. Hard Angled:

It is very necessary to make round shaped face enlongated as much as possible. You can use a sharp or high arch to achieve, which is taken as the best eyebrow shape for round face. Soft or gentle arch gives the face a round look, so you should avoid any arches.
Want to Achieve this Shape? To get this shape you need to keep your brows lines straight to the peak level and then go low towards the edges. Since the brows made are far from your nose, this shape would give your face a thinner look.

2. Soft Angled:

Women with Round face can either have soft angled or hard angled eyebrow shapes. The soft angled shape possesses soft peaks and curves. This shape can either have a low or high arches.
The high arches best fits round shaped face, because it helps to make the face look more thinner than wider. Women who don’t like high arches can also use soft angled eyebrow shape too. The hard angled shape has the ability of making the face look younger. With this shape your fat face can look slimmer and short face also look longer.
Although this shape introduce a harsh look face, but it also works well on round faces. want To Achieve This Shape? This angled shapes, weather hard and soft gives a nice look to the round faced women. This shape in question is straight and curves softly around the top and down corners of the brows. This shape has been known to make persons appear taller.

3. S Shaped:

Now the S-shaped eyebrow shape, this looks like the soft angled brow shape type. This shape start with a slightly curved line and then the angle of the brow is rounded in a way. This allows the round faced shape appear longer.
This shape allows the eyebrows to look like the letter S. and then the shape is called S-shaped. This special type of brow shape suits this particular face type, which consists of a blend of angle together with a curve.
This shapes your face in a nice and wonderful way. Want To Achieve This Shape? This S-shaped eyebrows used for round face is a bit similar to high arched brow shape. You have to maintain a straight brows towards your nose, causing a little curve. although, this brows shape doesn’t give you much of a flattering look toward your face.
Note:It is best to stay away from both the rounded eyebrows and the flat eyebrows also, as they are the major factor that results to roundness.
Here are some round faced celebrities to learn from from there eyebroes style.


Vanessa Williams Inspired Eyebrows:        
eyebrows for round face
She has a round face and her eyebrows goes with the soft angled shape that makes her face appear less full and gives a nice look to the face. You can see Her eyebrows are thin and not very thick, giving her face a longer look


Jennifer Aniston’s Eyebrow Style:


She uses her mid thick eyebrows to frame her face. By Using a high arched eyebrow shape, she achieved longer and slimmer face.


Grace Kelly Style Eyebrows:

grace +kelly+style+eyebrows
If you can see in the picture above, her arch is not a high one but a soft one that comes down neatly. She maintain a thick and natural eyebrows.

Britney Spears Inspired Eyebrows:

Britney sports a high arch, a hard angled that maintains her brows medium thick. She made sure her brows were filled up and more defined. The higher the arch the longer your face appear.

Few Tips To Make Your Brows Look Best:

Check out these handy tips to keep your eyebrows at its best.

  • Make sure you Fill up the gaps in your brows using a dark pencil to make that natural look come true.
  • After shaping your brows, make sure you use brow powder to eliminate excess oil and makes your brows appear natural.
  • Always Brush your eyebrows using a spoolie brush or you can gently massage your brows with your fingers to help increase blood circulation in that particular area.
  • Regularly keep your brows moistured using ginger juice, which would help to reducing hair fall.
  • You can also remove unwanted hairs that are be nit your brows, but make sure you avoid over tweezing because it may result in permanent hair loss.


I hope after you have read and practiced this tips mentioned in these post you must have successfully chosen the best eye brows that fits your round face, and also bare in mind that you should always go for what works well for you but if you feel it does not fit well for you then you can always try something new that would really look good on you because what you chose should be your number one priority.
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